Beppu a steam World

A frame of Kanawa district by night. A district 4 km north-west from Beppu train station, in Oita prefecture, Kyushu. Known as the onsen paradise, the city is famous for being home to over 2,800 hot springs. Wandering around Kanawa Hell Valley allows you to witness the steam coming out of any gutter, any chimney, any hole. An incredible experience.

Discover Osaka City

Extract frome Osaka Hotel Ichiei promotional video in collaboration with Japan-Experience. A sneak peak at Osaka City, from the famous castle, to the Dotomburi district, have a taste of Osaka street food and discover what's make Osaka city so special.

Tokyo Bay Time-lapse

A look at Tokyo bay by night, from Odaiba island. Contemplate the lights, the sky and the never-sleeping Rainbow Bridge.